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Need a Cigarette? Maybe You Should Drink Some Wine First

New research finds that red wine can counter the short-term damage inflicted by smoking.


Canadian Police Will Punish Drunk Drivers by Making Them Listen to Nickelback

Cruel and unusual punishment, eh? Canadian authorities are cracking down on drunk drivers this holiday season in an unusual — but hilarious — way.


Upgrade Your Brunch by Poaching Eggs in Wine

Brunch is already pretty fancy, but if you want to up your benny game, try adding wine to your egg-poaching liquid.


Pinotage Shows its French Flair at La Cité de Vin

The hallowed halls of La Cité de Vin, arguably the world’s finest wine experience centre which is situated in Bordeaux, France, was recently introduced to the joys Pinotage.


How to keep Champagne fizzy

There’s nothing more frustrating than flat Champagne.


Beetroot Juice Is The Ultimate Post and Pre-Workout Drink

Come winter and the pantry gets loaded with a colourful display of myriad seasonal produce. Radiant carrots, ruby red beets, fresh leafy greens, crunchy radishes et al.


Breakfast Stuffed Waffels

The most epic YET EASIEST portable breakfast.


With clever craft-beer names running dry, brew makers turn to song lyrics

Hoptical Illusion, Hoparazzi, Hopnotist, RoboHop and even Total Eclipse Of The Hop: these are all already actual Canadian beer names.


How to make shampoo out of beer

Fact: Beer + hair = Disney princess tresses!


These Men Are Harvesting Wine From Namibia`s Palm Trees

Namibia’s dynamic culture may be modernizing but the country still has one foot in its ancient past.